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| Disaster relief and long term recovery

Due to low weight and compact dimensions SuMeWa|SYSTEM is optimally suited for disaster relief operations. It can be transported and installed even in the most difficult terrain. As it works energetically self-sufficient on solar photovoltaic panels it is independent of an external power supply. Thus, it provides safe water even after a complete destruction of infrastructure. All necessary components are delivered in a compact transportation box.

As the system is very robust, it is capable in supplying safe water until long after a catastrophe. This way epidemics, like cholera, have no chance to spread.

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Range of application

h4 link 146| Development assisstance/link/h4

h4link 145| Disaster relief and long term recovery/link/h4

h4link 149| Fresh water tanks and decentral water supply/link/h4

h4link 147| Tourism/link/h4

h4link 148| Municipal and privat water worksnbsp;/link/h4

h4link 156#953 - internal-link| Combination with water treatment systems/link/h4



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