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Darsilami, The Gambia

| Project data

Location of installation:

Darsilami, The Gambia

Supply of:

REMIS Health and
Training Center

In Operation since:  


Installed system:




7.000 Liter per day


| AUTARCON awarded for project in The Gambia

AUTARCON CEO, Alexander Goldmaier, is being awarded with the most important prize for sustainability. As one of 151 projects being chosen from 6.000 submissions AUTARCON receives the national “ENERGY GLOBE” for the self sufficient supply of the REMIS Darsilami Health Centre with safe drinking water in The Gambia. Alexander Goldmaier is proud to receive this award: “With the price the project in Darsilami receives the relevance it deserves.”

Since March 2011 the system supplies up to 7.000 L of safe drinking water to the health center. The system operates completely self-sufficient and is maintenance free. “Currently we are planning to extend the project to supply safe water to the surrounding public and to a training center for children”, explains Goldmaier.

On June 5th, the UN World Environmental Day, the awarded projects will be published online under http://www.energyglobe.info.

Here you will find further information about the Globe Energy AWARD.

We wish to thank the REMIS Health Centre Köln Darsilami in the Gambia e.V. and the staff of the Fraunhofer IWES for their relentless support. This allowed the project to become such a success.

| Progress report - One year the Gambia

Daily up to 7.000 Liter of safe drinking water

In March 2011 a SuMeWa|SYSTEM was installed in the Gambia to treat and supply safe drinking water to the REMIS Health Center. Since more than one year, the system provides daily up to 7.000 Liter of safe drinking water to the local hospital in Darsilami and affiliated training centers.

No maintenance required

Due to the renewable energy supply and chemical-free operation no running costs incurred. Maintenance of the system was not necessary. Only the pump needed be hung a little deeper into the well, as the water table sunk during the dry season.

Full control

The system continuously monitors all operating data. Those are frequently sent to the system operators and to AUTARCON. This way the continuous safe operation of the system can be guaranteed.

“We are astonished about the smooth and simple operation of the system. We are continuously informed about the water quality and feel very safe. Water related diseases have not occurred since the system is in place,” confirmed Muhammed Sidibeh, Manager of the Health Center.

Permanent low running costs

Central water and energy supply infrastructures are not existent in Darsilami. The energy autarkic water supply system improved comfort and quality of life for the employees and patients substantially. At the same time running costs and operating expenses were reduced. As no running costs for the system exist it will pay off rapidly.

With the project in the Gambia AUTARCON could impressively demonstrate the applicability of SuMeWa|SYSTEM to assure safe water supply even for hospital purposes.

The AUTARCON-team would like to thank for the support given by the “REMIS Health-Centre Köln Darsilami in the Gambia e.V.”, the employees of the health center and the Fraunhofer IWES that made the project possible.

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