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News| 2nd SuMeWa|IRON unit in El HeizNews| AUTARCON water supply units create business opportunities in EgyptNews| Iron removed by AUTARCON unitNews| People travel up to 30 km to tap water at station
| 2nd SuMeWa|IRON unit in El Heiz
| AUTARCON water supply units create business opportunities in Egypt
| Iron removed by AUTARCON unit
| People travel up to 30 km to tap water at station

Safe Water Supply in Western Desert

| 19 Stations running in Egypts Western Desert

In March 2018 the 18th SuMeWa|IRON treatment station has started operation. Now 25.000 people rely on water treated by AUTARCON stations in Egypt alone.

Most of the stations are equipped with Prepaid Water Taps (see article) ensuring a constant income for the village communities.

| RED WATER film online

In february 2014 AUTARCON installed the first two SuMeWa|IRON units for safe drinking water supply in two oasis communities in the western desert. This project was conducted in cooperation with the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment at the American University of Cairo (AUC). This installation phase has been accompanied by an AUC film team. RED WATER gives an insight into the water situation of locals living in Western Deserts and how AUTARCON technology can contribute to a sustainable long term solution.

Since the beginning the SuMeWa|IRON units have become an integral entity for the oasis community in Egypt’s western desert. Due to the reputation the systems have reached, people travel as far as 30 km in order to tap this water.

By the End of 2015 seven units supply safe water in several oases in the western desert.


| Iron removal unit available

Since February 2014 AUTARCON operates these two units for iron removal and disinfection of source water in the Egyptian western desert with varying high concentrations of up to 13 mg/L. These units neither require exchange of filter media nor chemicals. Backwash and regeneration is conducted automatically, whenever required. The complete process is driven by solar energy and also works for Manganese. This unique filtration unit is now available for all SuMeWa|SYSTEMs.



Fact Sheet

El Heiz

Capacity: up to 8.000 L/day

Fully solar powered with battery backup

Abu Minqar

Capacity: up to 15.000 L/day

Powered by diesel generator