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SuMeWa|IRON| Iron removal units in EgyptSuMeWa|IRON| Iron removed by AUTARCON unitSuMeWa|IRON| Iron removed by AUTARCON unit
| Iron removed by AUTARCON unit
| Iron removed by AUTARCON unit

Sustainalbe iron removal with SuMeWa|IRON

| Iron

Iron and Manganese belong to the most abundant metals in the earth’s crust. Ground water used as drinking water source therefore contains often excessive concentrations. Though not directly a health concern, iron and manganese cause staining and fouling water supply systems substantially reducing their life expectancy. Additionally to that, its bad taste and smell require reliable and long term removal from source water.

| Our Guarantee for Crystal Clear Water

With SuMeWa|IRON we offer an innovative module for the sustainable elimination of iron and manganese from contaminated water sources. This unit works as an add-on to the existing SuMeWa|SYSTEM family and largely extends their field of operation.

SuMeWa|IRON supplies crystal clear and great tasting water.

| Advantages at a glance

  • Chemical Free
  • Maintenance Free
  • No renewal of filtration media necessary for up to 10 years
  • Automatic backwash and online controlled media regeneration
  • Remote Sensing through GSM
  • Solar Operated
  • Low investment cost in combination with SuMeWA|SYSTEM
  • No running costs

| How it works

The dissolved iron is oxidized on the filter media surface. Here, it precipitates and is safely retained inside the media. In frequent intervals the accumulated flocs are removed by an online controlled automated backwash mode. During the filtration the media is automatically kept in regenerated conditions by SuMeWa assuring many years of maintenance and chemical free operation. 

This process is also capable in safely hydrogen sulfide.

| Technical Data

Maximum raw water contamination
      Iron 15 mg/L
      Manganese 15 mg/L
      Hydrogen sulfide 5 mg/L
pH range 6.2 - 8.5
Capacity Up to 20.000 Liter per day

Iron removal reference systems

| Egypt - El Heiz

Capacity: up to 8.000 L/day

Fully solar powered with battery backup

| Egypt - Abu Minqar

Capacity: up to 15.000 L/day

Powered by diesel generator

Cameroun - Bandiangseu

Capacity: up to 5.000 L/day

Fully solar powered with battery backup

Our Products

| Data sheets

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