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| H2020 AquaNES project

AquaNES will catalyze innovations in water and wastewater treatment processes and management through improved combinations of natural and engineered components.

The project focuses on 13 demonstration sites in Europe, India and Israel covering a representative range of regional, climatic, and hydro geological conditions. Among the demonstrated solutions are natural treatment processes such as bank filtration (BF), managed aquifer recharge (MAR) and constructed wetlands (CW) plus engineered pre- and post-treatment options.

| Roll of AUTARCON

Within AquaNES project AUTARCON will implement three SuMeWa|SYSTEM stations that will assure disinfection of River Bank Filtrate.

| India

In India two SuMeWa|TURB stations disinfect bank filtrate from Ganga river to assure safe water drinking water for village communities. The stations are frequently monitored and up to date have achieved complete removal of present pathogens, rendering the water completely safe. For more information about the stations please click here.

| Germany

In Germany a SuMeWa|Mn*-pilot station was installed to remove manganese from ultra-filtrate (UF). This water then can be used for UF-Membrane cleaning.

*Mn System currently in development




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