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SuMeWa|SAFE pdf   English  German

SuMeWa|ADVANCED pdf   English  German

SuMeWa|COMPLETE pdf   English  German  Español  Française  Portuguêse  العربية

SuMeWa|IRON pdf English

SuMeWa|ARSENIC pdf English

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general enquiry  pdf

| Reference systems

Excerpt of reference systems English

| Media

| Journal Articles

Arsenic Removal from Groundwater by SuMeWa|ARSENIC 10/2017 ...to article

Sustainalbe Drinking Water Solutions for Egypt´s Remote Areas 12/2016 ...to article

Tea after Twelve 12/2016 ...to article

Drinking Water without Arsenic 06/2015 ...to article (in German only)

PV Magazine issue 12/2011 ...to article

Sonnenenergie issue 04/2011 (in GER) ...to article

Uni Kassel Publik issue 02/2011 (in GER) ...to article

| Video clips

Video clip from Deutschen Welle   English

Clip for Clean Tech Media Award... available only in German

AUTARCON wins Intersolar AWARD  English

| Press

With solar energy agains Cholera in Haiti ...to article

Report about Water Safety Conference 2012 ...to report

Report about Intersolar AWARD ...to report

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About AUTARCON pdf   English







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